Tuesday, 4 September 2012

[Coming Attractions]

It's a party!

Well I've passed the 1000 view mark for this blog! In less than ten posts! That's pretty much blasted my expectations to pieces. So, discounting half of those views as my own (which they probably are) it means one of two things:

a) Badgering my friends has worked... or
b) Somebody out there actually cares what I have to say.

 So to celebrate my monumentally average success here's a list of the up and coming attractions at the Image Loft.

The Absolute Cinema series

After the fairly positive response I recieved from the first post, I have a second edition of the Absolute Cinema series underway. I just need to find the time to write it up properly. I hope to continue this series for a long time, perhaps make a list or an archive of them. I have about five or six clips planned out in advance and hopefully I'll be able to grab them all somewhere online. So keep an eye out in the next few days for updates.

Slouch: The best movies close at hand [Working title]

Reviews of whats available at home, whether on DVD, Blu Ray or Streaming. Currently I am only subscribed to LoveFilm UK so this may alienate some Netflix or Hulu readers. I am planning on signing up to Mubi later in the week though, for £3 a month that site is an absolute steal! Here's a link for anyone interested. 

[Video series] To the Movies!

This is will be a monthly series, hopefully, if I can find the resources and time. Once a month I hope to pick a theme or genre and create a montage in line with that idea. Currently I am softwareless but come later in September I will see what I can do. (The title here is taken from Orson Welle's amazing AFI Life Time Achievement award speech, here.)

The Intermission 

This will be a segment dedicated to something... anything else other than movies. Hopefully it wont all be video games. I swear I have some other interests too. I just... can't think of any right now.

Pratical efforts

Finally, I have just ordered (and hopefully will recieve tomorrow) a new Sony A57 SLR camera, something that I've wanted for a long time, so in the coming few weeks, you might see some of my own efforts in video and photography. 

Or will you...?

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